CUMBERLAND – Gluten Free

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Cumberland pork sausages traditionally cut from a coil but we link them to make it easier.

No Allergens.

* Gluten Free

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1 review for CUMBERLAND – Gluten Free

  1. Stuart Cooper

    I am emailing you to thank you for your absolutely delicious Cumberland Sausage. Our 8 year old granddaughter Katie would also like to thank you. (Thank you!). Katie is a very fussy eater and it is very hard to please her when it comes to food. She won’t eat just anything put in front of her like some kids do. (Well she does eat anything but all the wrong anythings.) The other day I was eating some of your sausage that a relative had brought for us. I have never had any before. I don’t know where she had it from but what mouthful I had tasted absolutely delicious. Katie asked if she could “have a little taste please” because she had never had any before either and she loves sausage. Well. She had more than a little taste. She ate the whole flippin’ lot! And then cried for more.
    What could I do? I couldn’t deprive a sweet little 8 year old of your tasty sausage. Because of her fussiness I of course let her have it all. Reluctantly! More fool me although it was for a good cause. Since then she doesn’t want to eat anything else. She does but she says nothing’s as good as your sausage. You have turned a young fussy 8 year old into someone who likes Villagers Fine Sausages. Just like her grandad (who didn’t get much at all!).

    Thank you very much for a fantastic product and a refreshing change.

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