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130 year old peppery pork sausage thought to be lost forever made with free range shoulder and belly pork, herbs and spices.

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8 reviews for KEN ‘N’ EDDY’S

  1. Bill Williams

    This is the closet sausage to (The Kennedys sausage rip) i have come tasted.
    Living in France its nice to taste a Proper English Sausage.
    I will be ordering on a regular basis.

  2. Chris

    A few weeks ago, I popped into the shop in Beckenham and bought a couple of pound of K&E sausages, and Ohhhhh boy, it was like a blast from the past. I live in Doncaster, and the locals keep going on about the best sausages is made in Yorkshire…. hehe they havent tried these yet. SO, Villagers, why not get your butts up here in Doncaster on one of your market roadshow things and show these Yorkies what they have been missing for over 130 years!

  3. MWood

    Ken’d’Eddies – Had heard that these were the real deal and made the journey to Beckenham only to find what a wonderful shop was waiting there. Helpful service, great selection and even a loyalty card. The sausages have been well received by the family so will be returning on a regular basis for Ken’n’Eddies and to sample some more of the range on offer.

  4. Steve

    Used to get theses sausages from kennedys in west wickham and mum and dad have been eating them sinces the 50s so was well fed up when they shut, but then I find villagers have found the recipe oh what joy as can now eat the best sausages ever made again and dad is well happy so am so grateful to villagers for making them but please can you answer this but why are you charging so much for them as at nearly 4,50 a pound there very expensive as am sure kennedys used to charge about 2pound a pound I know prices of pork goes up in price as every thing else but over double?.besides this I will always buy as like I say there the best..

  5. Bob Brown

    I have eaten Kennedy’s since the 50’s and rate Villagers fully equal to the original. Some other makes like Korkers are very good, but none come near to Ken ‘n’ Eddies, so I too travel to buy them. Very highly recommended…

  6. Carol Pike

    For years we have previously bought the Original Kennedys sausages. It was a sad day when they closed and we could no longer buy them.
    We used to travel from Sussex to buy them. Thankfully the Ken and Eddies sausages made at Villagers are so like them. We still travel from Sussex
    specifically for them. We buy for the whole family and nothing quite compares.

  7. Phil Goodson

    I grew up eating these sausages…. Aunty Mays sausages we called them, after my aunt who worked at kennedys for many years, All other sausages were judged against these
    It was a sad loss when kennedys closed up, and I’ve searched for years to find a match for these porkers never finding an equal,…. Until now
    Ken’n’eddys are as near and good as the old recipe, and I wish dear old aunt May was around to check out the recreation lm sure she would putting in an order.

  8. Lynda Beament

    Couldn’t be happier thank you so much have just been transported back in time to sausages I had as a child Kennedys pork chipolatas I’m in heaven the taste is the same
    Thanks again a very happy 70 year old.

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