About Us

It all started way back in 1984, when, after finishing my studies at catering college, I was fortunate enough to gain employment with a family run butcher’s shop in Brockley.

It was here that I had my first experience of sausages with a difference. They were unlike anything I’d seen before, creations such as pork with liver & onion, pork & smoked cheese, steak & stout and many others. I was soon taught how to make various types and was fascinated by the demand from the general public.

However, I felt that, after many years studying in the kitchen with my mother (a great cook!) and having excellent teaching by chefs at college, there was something missing. I filled the next few years working in various butcher’s shops and spent many hours experimenting, waiting for an opportunity to come my way.

One of the first specialist sausage shops to appear was in Greenwich,
South London. I was offered a job there because of my knowledge of sausages and general love of different types of food.

At first, I thought I’d found heaven, but soon realised that although some very good sausages were being made there had to be room for improvement.

Leading up to 1990, whilst at home with my family, I had managed to invent 58 different types of sausage of my own creation. Unbelievably, they only contained four main seasonings with the majority content being sea salt & black pepper.
Sadly, I was unable to introduce these new sausages to the Greenwich shop.

It was now time to go it alone! 1993 arrived and I was almost ready to
take the plunge, but I needed some financial backing. This was the hardest part so far with the usual story from the major banks. They were not interested unless they were guaranteed nothing to lose and everything to gain. I eventually managed to get some private backing and then, as luck would have it, I got made redundant at around the same time.
Things were coming together……

It was March 1995 that I decided to open a sausage shop with the biggest selection of quality hand made, natural and also some gluten free sausages anywhere. I had to rely on my parents during my period of unemployment, during which time I created a further 60 varieties.

I found suitable premises and began the renovation of my dream shop. I opened on 14 September 1995 after 5 weeks of work. I had spent the previous day and night preparing the sausages not knowing what response I would get. I soon realised I was right, people were looking for quality, individuality, honesty and a yearning for something special and different.

I have learnt many lessons and continue to do so but I have never looked back. I have been praised for my efforts with three awards out of three sausage competitions and three television appearances, demand for mail order from all over the world and personal commendations from good food guides.

Following my success I now sell my sausages at local food markets, Sevenoaks, Chislehurst, Bexley, Hempstead valley, Gravesend, West Malling and various country food shows and shopping centres.

Villagers Fine Sausages Shop