The Process


We produce over 70 varieties of hand made sausage a week in full view of the customers. We only use natural skins so if your looking for 100% pork free buy the chipolatas. May incur a surcharge.

Unlike many others sausage producers we have nothing to hide and are proud of the sausages we make in full view of the customers.

Busy in the shop

Busy in the shop . .

Handmade in the Shop

. . . Our team in production making in full view of the customers

Hand linked

All linked by hand and not machine

. . . some of our finest sausages

Adding the fresh ingredients

. . . We use as much fresh ingredients as possible

National Sausage Week

One of our fun days in National sausage week

Beef Biltong

Beef biltong

Our Sausages

Our normal size sausages

The Process Videos