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Villagers are purveyors of the largest selection of homemade English & Continental sausages in the South of England!

Our multi award winning sausages range from Traditional Pork and Beef, Cumberland and Lincolnshire, Ken 'N Eddys to unusual Beef Biltong, Kangaroo and Wild Boar sausages.
Unlike mass produced fancy wrapped alternative our sausages are made with nothing to hide in full view of customers.
We only use just the right amount of sea salt and can accommodate special diets.

We have a large range of gluten free sausages

Our sausages are sold in 1/2 kg & 1kg weights. Please select the weight on each product page.

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All our sausages are handmade in the shop, using as much fresh ingredients as possible. All linked by hand and not machine..

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